Thank you

For visiting our website and learning about us. Although, we started out very small over fourty years ago, we are thankful to have moved forward so well and smoothly.


I grew up and was raised by a loving family in Niagara Falls, Canada. First, let me give you a little background. I started making Fudge and other candies in Niagara Falls in 1978. At first it was a summer job, but I worked there for several years putting myself through University. I graduated in 1984 from Ryerson University. It may surprise you; I have a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering majoring in Heat Transfer.

After graduation I began candymaking fulltime and began opening retail stores across Canada. I started in Saint John, New Brunswick and ended up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Eventually this led me to training confectionary cooks for Expo 1986. While working across the country I was lucky enough to meet people in the Candy Business who ran small businesses. The kindness of these business owners showed me the interesting aspects of candymaking. Together with my new found education in engineering, this gave me some incredible ideas on how to produce my own Fresh Olde Fashion Confectionary recipes and techniques.

After so many years of working with candies and chocolate I decided to formalize my knowledge of chocolate and confectionary. I received my certification in Confectionary from the University of Wisconsin. I formally became a Confectioner and Chocolatier.

The business has been growing steadily. In 1993, I met up with my great friend and partner Rhys Carter. He was 16 when he started making candy for me.

I opened several retail locations and started to wholesale product out of St. Jacobs, Ontario. We produced handmade candies – fudge and brittles – the Olde fashioned way. We had to produce large quantities to fulfill huge demands and we did. We still do today – all handmade. My engineering background has served me very well in scaling production up to meet demand and still stay true to the FRESH requirement of our Mission Statement.

Rhys studied business at Conestoga College before being fully versed in the wonders of candymaking.

After 8 wonderful years of Rhys working for me, we decided to work together and concentrate on wholesale at a separate location in Waterloo, ON.



To manufacture and deliver gourmet, handmade, fresh confections to retailers and consumers at fantastic margins and value, quickly and happily, no matter the quantity.

The business has grown organically every day. We add new products every season at our customers’ request.  In 2007, we acquired a company run by close friends called The Fudgery Shoppe. Their fudge flavours and style of making fudge was closely aligned to ours. It was an easy transition. We grew steadily again.

Today we are the largest makers of Copper Kettle Fudge made on marble tables as well as the largest makers of handmade gourmet Brittles – in Canada.

Today we make almost 50 varieties of Fudge, 25 varieties of Brittle, 9 varieties of Bavarian Beernuts, 24 varieties of Turkish Delight, 10 varieties of Caramel Bars, 8 varieties of Chocolate Pizza Slices and other items – Fresh to Order – with “private labeling” options. Over 90% of our products are made to fulfill “private-labeling” requests.

We invest in research and development as a daily and regular course. Our partnership with our suppliers is so strong that we can name many relationships that go back decades! Our growth is a testament to our great customers. We believe in the entrepreneur. We believe in high margins for our retailers and great value for their consumers. Strong year-over-year growth indicates that our programs work. Small, boutique-style owner operated businesses in almost any type of industry work best. It is a true joy to come to work each and everyday.

Thank you again for visiting our website.

Michael McEachern

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